From the context of being a purchaser,  all the following must have taken place before you would be in a position to exchange contracts.

  • The Draft Contract would have been agreed and a unsigned copy has been returned to the vendors solicitors.
  • All enquiries raised would have been answered by the other side and satisfactory replies warrant being able to proceed.
  • All search enquiries would have been received back and scrutiny has proved that all items indicate satisfaction.
  • Ensure that the survey results are satisfactory.
  • Ensure absolute title exists with the seller and that there are no charges or notices registered that would adversely affect the sale being able to proceed.
  • Ensure that any sale property transaction that you are involved in that is necessary to provide funds to purchase the new house is on course to complete without any hitches. Ensure you have replied to all enquiries that have been made of you and that your own solicitor is on track to complete without a hitch.
  • Ensure any mortgage requirement is assured and the offer has not receded.